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North Wales Opera Company

& Studio

The North Wales Opera Company has a symbiotic relationship with North Wales Opera Studio providing employment and performance opportunities to singers who have been nurtured and polished within its educational endeavours. It also has a purpose to assist singers in bridging the difficulty of finding professional singing engagements when they do not yet have professional representation (an agent)—the difficulty being that it is almost impossible to have representation by an agent without first having professional engagements and it is equally difficult to have professional engagement without first having an agent. The North Wales Opera Company seeks to obviate this dilemma. As such, the North Wales Opera Company does not primarily work through professional representation—rather it seeks out talented singers and give them opportunities for employment and performance thereby enabling them to find representation and build their career. Interested agents and influential educators have an open invitation, as honoured guests of the company, to observe our singers in our venues.

Anne Williams-King (international soprano) along with her husband, David Bartleet (tenor, agent and impresario) created the North Wales Opera Company in 2015 with a view to bring their expertise to North Wales and beyond; it has gone from strength to strength. Debbie Rees-Deacon is our production, set and costume designer. In Collaboration we work with distinguished artists: Janet Haney and Charlotte McKechnie.

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